Questions To Ask Before Renting: Access & Maintenance

We hope you will be able visit us so you can personally see how safe, clean and secure our facility is and meet the people who keep it that way! But if you check out other companies, please ask them these questions—we don’t think any of them can match us in being able to say ‘YES!’ to every single one.

  1. Can the manager explain to you why just having pest control service is not enough? Food in just a single unit can lead to rodents, ants and other pests infesting an entire facility!
  2. Have the units been checked for and proofed against leaks?  Water stains on the walls or ceilings can mean risk of moisture damage to your possessions.
  3. Are there extended gate hours, so you have access at times convenient for you?
  4. Do the managers encourage you to visit the facility?  They should!

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